Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are You Giving Your 'Stick' To The Right 'Person?'

How is this dog like some newbie writers?

He didn’t do his research.

Being a writer is not easy.

You come with an idea. Develop characters, plot, and setting. You create a mood and watch your characters grow. You add a twist. You write, rewrite and then write it again. Then you rewrite some more. You flesh out and cut out. You’re meticulous about every word. And then you finally type “The End.”

You can’t take your story and place it at the feet of an agent and expect them to pick it up.

At first glance any agent may look perfect. They’re bright and shiny on the outside, not a hair out of place. But you need to look deeper, on the inside. You need to make sure your story is right for the agent and you need to make sure the agent is right for you. If you send your picture book manuscript to an agent who only handles YA and MG you’re wasting their time and your time. What genre are they looking for? What are the agent’s likes and dislikes? Do they have a soft spot for cowboys, vampires or vampire-cowboys? Are there any blog interviews with the agent online? Are they speaking at a writing conference? What authors do they represent? Have you read any of their client’s books?

There are many great resources on the internet when searching for an agent. Two very good sites are:Not doing your research may make you look like a fool while you bark up the wrong tree.