Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Than One Way To Make A Difference

I'm very pleased with myself. Yesterday, I submitted forms to participate in a Habitat For Humanity project.

Photo by Suat Eman

I would have liked to participate in the actual build/construction part of the project but there are a few things preventing from doing that this year. What I didn't realize is there are so many other areas where help is needed to make a build successful and fortunetly I have skills in some of these areas. I have volunteered to participate in the newsletter, project website and the project promotion. I have done a lot of work on newsletters (Duh, I'm a writer and I was the editor of the Perspectives Newsletter) and websites, so I am hoping I will be called upon to help develop these areas. I'm not too sure what will be involved with the project promotion but I'm interested in learning.

I'm very excited to help make a difference and can't wait to get started. If/when I get contacted to participate I will be posting here and add the label "Habitat For Humanity."


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