Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Online Bibliography Tool

It's been a long time since I had to do a bibliography. In school I learned how to do them for books and magazine but how do you do a bibliography citation for a web site or an interview?

While seaching the Internet for some answers I found this fantastic tool that will create a bibliography for you. EasyBib (http://www.easybib.com/) is a free, online, automatic bibliography & citation maker. You simply select the source for the citation (book, magazine, newspaper, website, interview, e-mail etc.) and the relavent information. When using a book you can simply enter the books ISBN number and it fills the information for you. After clicking the "Create citation" button the it creates the citation in the proper format.

I was doing an article on leopard geckos and was using a book with the ISBN of 0-7938-0258-X (note: the X is a capitle not lower case.) I entered the number and clicked on the "Autocite!" button. It then automatically entered all the information related to the book. Then I clicked the "Create citation" and receieve the result:
Hunziker, Ray. The Guide to Owning a Leopard Gecko. Minneapolis: TFH Publications, 1994.
From there I could add another citation or, if I was finished, I could email it, save it as a Word document or view it online.

Great tool! Try it for yourself at http://www.easybib.com/


Amy Tate said...

I love that tool. I couldn't have survived my American history class without it!

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