Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hail, Hail The Teeth Are Here

Here are 2 pictures I took yesterday I thought you might be interested in.

First, here is the "lovely" weather we have been having this week. Yes, that is hail.

Second, and most important, here is a picture of my 7 month old daughter's first teeth.


Amy Tate said...

Yea! So beautiful! Getting those first few teeth is so traumatic, and yet they fall out in a few years. Go figure!

Janet, said...

How cute. Bet you're both happy that's over with.

Auntie Flamingo said...

Yes, but we are not sleeping any better. We just found out the baby has bad eczema and keeps waking up because it's itchy. She usually wakes up about every 2 hours and I am lucky if she goes 3 hours. Sometimes it's only an hour. We have some prescribed cream so I am hoping it starts working soon.

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