Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Love Cats

At some point I am going to have to write a book about cats. When I was a child all I could think about was cats. I bugged my parents for 6 years for a cat. Yes, 6 years of "Please Mom can I have a cat?" I finally got my wish when I was 9. I still love cats very much but cannot have one since my husband is allergic and we don't know if the kids are allergic.

But I don't want to make this blog about my cat today. Today, I would like to share some pictures I took this morning of the neighbour's cat. I am not an expert photographer. This is just something I like to do for fun.

Here he is lazing on his front step. Prior to this photo I saw him bouncing around swatting at something. At first I thought it was a bug and then I snapped this picture.

Yes, that is a mouse in his mouth (say that 3 times fast.) I wonder if he is going to give it to his owners as a gift?

I have some great pictures of my cat I had growing up. I will have to share those with you another day.


Messenger Girl said...

oh my what a beauty
I love cat too and I really enjoy your blog.

Auntie Flamingo said...

Welcome Messenger Girl
He is a good looking cat.
Thanks for following and I am glad you are enjoying my blog.

Janet said...

Our neighbor used to have a cat that looked just like this one. She said her cat was proud of her "catches" and would bring them to her.

Auntie Flamingo said...


I spoke with my neighbours on the weekend and showed them the pictures. They said that the cat has brought them about 15 catches and have left them on the back deck as a gift. Yuck!

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