Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Silly Poetry Book Name Is ....

Auntie Flamingo recently submitted a book manuscript of a collection of funny poetry for children. The name of the book is currently, "IF MY FISH HAD FEET And Other Silly Rhymes." (I say currently because it could change prior to publication.) The book has not been accepted for publication yet. It will probably be several months before I hear anything from the publisher. As Gary Gnu would say on The Great Space Coaster: No Gnews is Good Gnews.

The title of the book is the name of one of the poems in the book.
I've recently been finding my mind wandering thinking about each poem and how there is a story behind it. The idea of writing a poem called IF MY FISH HAD FEET came from my older brother. When he was young, around 4 or 5 years old, he had a pet angel fish named Herbie. One day was looking at the fish and said, "Hey! Herbie has no feet." My dad loves telling this story about my brother. Of course, when I heard it my brain starts turning and thinking about all the things a fish might do if he had feet and the poem was born.

Stay turned to find out more stories behind the poems.


Lori Calabrese said...

Best of luck with your manuscript! My fingers are crossed for you!

All the best,

Auntie Flamingo said...

Thanks Lori!

Janet said...

Good Luck! It sounds like a fun book of poetry.

Auntie Flamingo said...

Thanks Janet. It was fun to write so I hope people find it fun to read.

Anonymous said...

It sounds really good

Auntie Flamingo said...

Thank you Anon. I hope people enjoy it when it does get published. I've figured out I need to fine tune a few of the poems and then I have to find the right publisher for it. Who knows, one day you might see it on the shelf at your local book store.

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