Sunday, April 5, 2009


Something exciting happen in our home this morning. Claire, my 4 month old, rolled from her front to her back this morning. Yippy! It was pretty exciting for us. My son and I were cheering her on.

Today is also the final performance for my six-year-old son in ice skating. We signed him up to learn how to skate to play hockey and part of the program was to be part of a show. I can't believe how quickly he learned. I'm so proud of him.

I also have to comment that Claire had her very first swimming lesson last Monday. I thought she was going to scream her head off but she did really well and liked it.

Tonight is suppose to be my first night of recreational volley ball since the baby has been born. I'm a little worried because she has been 'mommy's girl' the last couple of weeks. I know it is only a phase and she will grow out of it but that doesn't help my husband tonight when he is alone with the kids. I will have my cell phone so if I have to leave, so be it.

I think I will start to look for some prompts and/or inspiration on writing new children's poems. I was taking a small break from poems since I submitted my poetry book manuscript but I am ready to go again. What is the name of my poetry book? Ah ha, I'll let you know in my next post. ;)


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