Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! What are you doing today to help make the earth GREEN?

I'm trying to drive less today, reduce waste, properly recycle and turned the heat down in the house. (Where's my sweater? It's wet and cool today where I live.)

According to the David Suzuki Foundation Website, if you took all the spaces where heat could escape in an average Canadian home and put them all together they would make a hole a size of a basketball! Properly weather sealing your windows and doors can help reduce the problem.

In my unpublished book, IF MY FISH HAD FEET I have two environmental poems. THE MOTHER OF ROCK AND ROLL and HUMPHRY DUMPHRY.

HUMPHRY DUMPHRY is what I call a MOTHER GOOSE-ISM. A MOTHER GOOSE-ISM is taking a Mother Goose poem and changing the words and the meaning of the poem. Children do this all the time. For example, during my daughter's swimming class we sing the following before jumping into the pool.

Jack be nimble.
Jack be cool.
Jack jump into
The swimming pool.

Here is another blogger's post about Earth Day you might be interested in: Lori Calabrese Writes!: Celebrate Earth Day with these children's books

Leave a comment on what you are doing to participate in Earth Day or if you have a MOTHER GOOSE-ISM of your own.


Lori Calabrese said...

Auntie Flamingo,

I hear ya' about it being wet and cool- same here in CT. But it's also supposed to be 80 degrees this weekend- what wacky weather!

My fingers are crossed, so I can read your environmental poems!

All the best,

Auntie Flamingo said...

Thanks Lori,

Yes, this weekend is going to be somewhere around 23-25 C (which is 73.4 - 77 F)in Southern Ontario.

I look forward to reading your next blog post.
Auntie Flamingo

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