Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bubbles! - SBP (Story Behind the Poem)

It is time for another “story behind the poem.”

Today's story is for the poem BUBBLES IN MY TUB from my unpublished poetry book IF MY FISH HAD FEET. The poem is about a child's over zealous use of bubbles at bath time.

This poem is based on a real life bath incident at home. My son (I think he was 4 years old at the time) wanted to have a bath in the tub in my bathroom instead of the kids' bathroom. The tub in the en suite is a large, deep, soaker tub which my son pretend to swim in it. In order to fill the tub in a reasonable amount of time the water from the faucet comes out rather quickly. Well, between the amount of bubble bath I put in and rushing water stirring things up, a large volume of bubbles was created. I didn't quite realize the amount of bubbles in the tub until I dropped my son in and he practically disappeared. Of course, my son squealed with joy and I started laughing.

Thinking of this story still makes me chuckle.

I have a picture somewhere of him in the bubbles. I'll have to search and when I find it I will update this post.


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