Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Importance of a SASE?

Well, it's been some time but I finally pulled up my socks and got one of my manuscripts in the mail. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Now comes the waiting game. While I am waiting I need to keep busy by polishing my next manuscript and I would like to get that one into the mail by March 23rd at the latest.

Here's something I've been questioning. If the publisher's submission guidelines does not specifically state to send an SASE with your manuscript do you send one? Is it unprofessional or do you appear as an amature if you do include one? I have one book (from a popular series) that suggests NOT to included the SASE because it shows that you are an amature and if you don't include it then you will be contacted through email. Everything I have read on the Internet about writing strongly suggests to send a SASE.

What are your thoughts on this? (I'll post my thoughts on this later)


Janet, said...

I have found that usually they say whether or not to include a SASE. If they don't, I would probably include one unless they state that they will only respond to an author if they are interested in their manuscript. Unfortunately, some publishers are like that now.

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